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Systems are designed for world-wide installation, while we've designed 100s of systems, these are our major areas of work:


Services are offered world-wide, and are customized to meet your needs:


Equipment available include new offerings from a variety of manufacturers or used pieces from various installations; all equipment is available as individual pieces, combined as a group or integrated as a complete line:


The members of Frank Haile & Associates are ingredient handling and baking innovators and pioneers...they have driven solutions exceeding customer expectations for almost 60 years.
  • Frank Haile, Jr.,
  • Stuart Haile
  • Elaine Haile Cook
    Secretary and Treasurer
  • Bill Davis
    An associate with "A lifetime of experience, totally focused on all aspects of the baking business
  • Dale Fehlman
    C.A.D. Design Technician & Parts Sales
  • Harold Rucker
    Supervisor of Field Installations
  • Tom Haynes
    Supervisor of Field Installation
  • Rick Thornton
    Silo/Tank Sandblasting and Re-Coating
  • Steve Levey

About Frank Haile & Associates

Frank Haile and Associates is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Services are provided world-wide.

Whole Wheat System...

Minor Ingredient Handling System:

Interested in...
increased quality?
decreased cycle times?
rapid recipe changes?
If so, check out our 17-ingredient installation for a large regional baker...

Silo, bin & tank cleaning special...

Sifters of all types and manufacturers...

Artisan Bread Support


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