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Bakery Equipment

...available for just about every ingredient handling application and bakery equipment installation.

In addition to our own Bulk Handling & Minor Ingredient Handling Systems, we also sell and service bakery equipment from these manufacturers

Bakery Proof Box Installations

Bakery Proof Boxes for bread and rollsStainless Steel or Aluminum.  For initial monorail use or added later.  Floor-type proof boxes.  Repair and replacement parts for all types of proof boxes.

See our Extensive Installation History

Silos & Bins

Bakery Silos and Bins for bulk storage of flour, sugar, salt and starchIndoor and Outdoor.  Truckload or railcar sizes.  Steel, aluminum or stainless steel silos are all available.

Bakery Mixers

Bakery Mixers for sponges and doughs.  Horizontal.  Jacketed.  Champion for bread, rolls, muffins, bagels, and tortillas.

Bakery Sifters

Bakery Sifters for flour, sugar, whole wheat and other bulk or minor dry ingredients.  Rotary, gyratory, pressure, vacuum or atmospheric style sifters are available.

Blowers & Blower Packages

Bakery Blowers for dilute phase pneumatic conveying of flour, sugar, salt and starch as well as all minor ingredients.  Sutorbilt, Roots, M-D, Gardner-Denver, DuroFlow and Schwitzer.

Dryers & Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers and air dryers. Refrigerated and desiccant-type dehumidifiers and dryers.


Monorail Systems by Twin Cities, American, US Monorail and Louden.

Oven Chain Oilers

Oilers for oven chains.  Portable,  Dual hoses.  Continuous agitation.  FHA Bakery Oven Oilers.

Scale Hoppers

Complete line of bakery scale hoppers for all ingredients.

Water Blenders

Jack Faire water blender or water skid mixes water to any specified temperature.

Troughs (Tros)

Tros for sponges and doughs.  Standard and Jumbo sizes.  Plain Steel or Stainless Steel.  Drop-side, End-gate or USP-style tros.

Water Chillers

Water Chillers for ingredient and jacket water.  Chester-Jenson and Paul Mueller chillers.


Depanners for bread and buns. Also, depanners / delidders and in-line depanners.

Airlocks & Feeders

Airlocks and Feeders.  All types, all sizes, all makes (Salina, Butler, Premier, Shick, Pfening and Azo).  New or we'll rebuild your airlock.

Divert Valves

Diverters by Pfening, Shick, Semco, Kice, Premier and Vortex.

Bulk Bag Unloaders

Railcar Unloaders


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