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Mrs Baird's

Minor Ingredient Handling System in Fort Worth, TX

Download a copy: Minor Ingredient Handling System: Mrs Baird's Bakery in Fort Worth, TX

Texas Bakery Automates Minor Ingredient Addition

Bread baking techniques have changed greatly since Stone Age man crushed wheat into flour, then baked his loaves on hot stones. Today's bakery is highly automated and one good example of this is the Mrs Baird's Bread plant in Fort Worth, Texas. The Fort Worth plant has been in full production since June 1992.

In business since 1908, Mrs Baird's Bakeries, Inc is the largest family-owned bakery in the United States. In eleven bakeries throughout the state of Texas, the company produces over 150 different bread and cake products. Throughout the entire product line, two characteristics are paramount-quality and freshness.

The new plant, adjacent to Fort Worth's south freeway cake plant, replaced a 75-year-old plant downtown. "From the start, our design of the plant was product driven rather than technology driven," explained Mrs Baird's Project Engineer David Pait. "Automation was important because it could provide the consistency we wanted. Consequently we were able to put more science into the art of baking."

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